Sunday, 17 January 2010

London Vox

I have set myself a few resolutions this year and I intend to honour ALL. On my list of 'Tasks' is to take part in at least 3 exhibitions.

The 'London Vox' is the first one for the year. I have submitted one of my pieces called 'Multi- Faceted-Faces', an abstract piece which is my answer to the question 'What makes London Multicultural?' I decided to illustrate my answer in this abstract painting.

If free time is on your hands please pass by this unique exhibition which brings together a diverse mix of contemporary art by both emerging and established artists in London.

Venue: The Red Gate Gallery

209a Coldharbour Lane, London SW9 8RU. Tel: 0207 326 0993
Date: 15th January- 4th February 2010.

Have A good week Y'all,

Blessings, Kulturess xx

Tuesday, 24 November 2009

Bright Concepts for Winter

Ram's Head in progress .......

Me at Work... and Play!
Usually early mornings or late into the night. Above shows me mapping the painting by hand in pencil. Once I am happy with the concept the fun begins!

Pan da-Mania- Red (small)
Materials: Acrylic, Interference colour and 3D paint
Size: 20cm x 25.7cm x 4cm deep canvas
Price: £20.00
(item can be purchased as a pair)

Pan Da -Mania Blue (small)
Materials: Blue Ceramic Speckle bead, Acrylic, Interference colour, and 3D paint
Size: 20cm x 25.7cm x 4 cm
Price: £25.00
(item can be purchased as a pair)
Pan da Mania - Green Study 3
Size:35.5cm x 45.7cm x 4 cm deep canvas
Materials: Acrylic, Interference Colour, and 3D paints.
Price: £65.00
Ram's Head- Study 2

Sunday, 27 September 2009

Latest Commission Pieces September

Swirling Sunset- study 2- Price: £250.00
The last few weeks has found me dotting from market stalls promoting my creations, to work, family commitments, meetings with prospective clients, ....and still finding time for my commissions. Above is one of many I have completed. This was created for my dear 'Soul-brother' ......, he viewed the 'original' Swirling Sunset, and wanted the same idea but as a larger concept to fit his living room area. I so loved the finished piece even more than the original, so much so that I am looking to create another for my own home.
Pan Women- Study 2 (detail A)

Pan Women- study 2 (Detail B)

Pan Women- Study 2 ( full view) size: 50 x 100 cm. Price: £350.00

This commissioned piece was created for my Auntie and Uncle. On their first visit to the UK earlier this year, they had the pleasure of viewing my paintings at 'Portland Road Arts Festival' 2009. The 'original' Pan Women, that evening was the most popular painting of the evening. It's from this concept we sat together to create the piece you see above. Again I so loved doing this piece, which I managed to complete in 3 days. And I am even more thrilled as this piece was shipped this week to the US where they live. Yes Y'alll.... 'Kulturess' is going international!

My advice to you is to get in quick whilst my prices are reasonable, and ofcause beautiful!

Wednesday, 26 August 2009

My New Collection- Carnival Concepts 2009

Calypso Queen- SOLD
IV align=center>Commisions available- contact me!

P1010019.JPG" border=0> Pan-da-Mania 3- SOLDV>
Commisions available- contact me!

/P1010099.JPG" border=0>Pan-da-Mania (large)- SOLD
Commisions available- Contact me!

s320/P1010094.JPG" border=0>Moko-Jombie Dance - detail

0074.JPG" border=0>
Pan-da-Mania- Blue

s320/P1010091.JPG" border=0>Moko-Jombie dance

'Mother of Carnival'
(Painting inspired by 'Claudia Jones'- founder of Notting Hill Carnival- UK)

Well what a weekend it was at the 'Grand Carnival Extravaganza Costume Splash' at Alexander Place.

The last few months I found myself in my zone, just painting and enjoying the moment. I was mainly working on more paintings to build on my 'Carnival Concepts' ..... Moko-Jumbie and Tenor Pan were about to have an extended familly! ........
I then came across this event and thought this maybe a good platform to test out my works. So, in 3 weeks I perfected my creativity not knowing how many I could produce or if they would be good enough in the 'public' dormain.

That morning I was so nervous, and had no sleep the night before yet somehow I was fresh faced and full of energy. The day itself was tremendous! the feedback I received was more than I could of expected.
All paintings are for sale.... and if you are late in catching the one you like don't dispare as I welcome commissions!

A very big Thank you to all who came by my stall to purchased, comment, or give advice as it was greatly appriecieated. And ofcause a special Thanks to my immediate family and friends who assisted me with 'Baby-sitting-duties'!!!!!!!

So! it gives me great pleasure to introduce to you 'MY Carnival Concepts'. Please I say again, make a comment and sign up to be 'a follower' of my blogs. Sending out Blessings to Y'all! ... Kulturess XXXX

Sunday, 14 June 2009

Selections with details

Moonlight - detail

Moonlight- £75.00

My Swirling Sunset- detail

My Swirling Sunset. £75.00

Georgia In Red-£185.00

Heads of Wisdom -£65.00
Please make contact if you require further details on the sizes, prices of the paintings on my blogpage. Thank you for viewing, and don't forget to join as a 'follower'. with love Kulturess xxx

Carnival Concepts

More Paintings for June

Above is a snap shot of my paintings on display at the exhibition. From Left- 'Woman Relax', 'Mother Protects', 'Orange and Gold', 'Moonlight', 'Pan Women', and 'Swirling Sunset'.